That includes breads, bagels, cakes, cookies, biscuits, donuts, rolls, pie crust, noodles, romens, etc. Every year, there is 1 million new colon cancer patients, Every year 600,000 people die from colon cancer, Every year in US, about 6.5 billion dollars are spent to treat colon cancer, Several millions of people contract cancer caused by meat eating, Every year there are 246 million new diabetes patients. This fatty acid is stored under the skin and above muscle (subcutaneous fat) – this is the fat which people generally regard as body fat. World wide 1.6 billion people are obese in the world. This results sugar to be released slow into the bloodstream. This is such a good and informative post! It is packed with protein, fiber and important vitamins and minerals – most notably: vitamin B and magnesium. These foods, when eaten, are digested and broken down fast into simple sugar form. Refined foods lack vitamins and minerals. There are mice, rats and insects infest the food as it is being transported. It is statistically true that people who get early diagnosis of cancer then gets surgery and radiation dies earlier then people who didn't get any treatments. If it is sprouted, that is even better. ↑ Back to Types of Bleaching Agents ↑ Back to Table of Contents. Refined food lacks omega-3 fatty acid, since omega-3 acid is readily destroyed in refining and cooking process. Flour mills use various chemical bleaches and all of them are harmful to body. If you want to read more about Vitamin B17, click here. This gives famished, tired, emotionally sensitive, and unstable feeling. Looking for a healthy alternative to processed white flour? Excess triglycerides make blood sticky and also fuels bacterial infection. Also vitamin B17 is rich in berries, which Americans only eat in small quantities. . Recently I have been told to lower my cholesterol through diet. Thanks for reading! Hey there, I’m Brittany, the creator of Eating Bird Food, holistic nutritionist, health coach and personal trainer. Note that if the food label wheat flour or flour, it means they are refined flour. Also these foods made with refined flours are often accompanied with high fat and sugars (cakes, muffins, cookies, and chips for example). Vitamin B17 is present in sorghum and millet, but almost non-existence in wheat. Also lack of dietary fiber in these foods is a problem for the large intestine. It is an agent which promotes gluten development in dough. If you want to know more about vitamin B17, watch documentary "A World without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin. After all, they can be supplemented – Right? Since 1991, FDA to urge bakers to voluntarily stop using it. Subscribe to our list and get your free printable PDF of the 3 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan and Shopping List! By the time it does, it has spent considerable amount of nutrients in sprouting so it become less attractive food to animals. I recently made my own oat flour and am hooked with using it in as many recipes as possible! But this is more like burning house to get warmth needed. Higher GI index, faster and greater amount of sugar is released in blood. This, of course, results, pancreas to overwork. Subbing flours in baking is difficult and often takes quite a bit of experimentation and testing. It should be noted that Hyperglycemia, excess sugar in blood is followed by Hypoglycemia, condition of depleted sugar in blood. That is vitamin B17. Because of this, slowing gastric emptying due to high fat content in these foods actually makes sugar to be absorbed directly from the stomach wall into blood stream (thus higher GI index), to the last drop. Gold Medal flours by General Mills are bromated. Yet, many Americans are living off of refined flour. The sugar in the blood make blood sticky, which causes high blood pressure. Local pizza shop use bromated flour. I’m glad this post was helpful to you. Roasted Frozen Broccoli Healthy Cooking Hack, Baked Almond Flour Donuts with Rose Petals and Dark…. During refining process, about 50% of all calcium, 70% of phosphorus, 80% iron, 98% magnesium, 75% manganese, 50% potassium, and 65% of copper are lost. However, due to such frequent and sudden ups and downs of blood sugar level, all organs which take care these modulations, including adrenaline glands (which are sitting on top of kidneys), are damaged or disabled. Pancreas is not the only organ that is involved in this whole process. So glad this info is helpful for you, Jen! Yeast, a single-cell organism that helps bread rise, is classified as a fungus and suitable for vegans. haha! Even if the food label says it is enriched flour, the enriching process of refined flour only adds 4 vitamins and nothing else. The body takes away these same vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from its own body organs, tissues, and bones in order to process these refined food. All-purpose flour or plain flour is designed to be used for most baking purposes. The best method of cooking is blending or cutting and eaten in raw, for all fruits and nuts, and majority of vegetables. This is a newer alternative flour on the market and I’m so glad it’s here! This is why just "enriching" refined flour refined flour cannot make up for many different nutrients lost, including most of soluble fiber and other beneficial substances such as enzymes and antioxidants. To read more about how to go vegan in correct way, click here. More about this will be discussed later in this page. Excess sugar in blood, called Hyperglycemia, damages cells. Small bakery bread and home made loaves usually taste a little better but because refined white flour is used, there is still is not much difference. This leads to overeating and increase the dependency to stimulants like coffee in order to boost up energy. It will also shorten the flour's shelf life and prone to infest by insects– although these insects which ate these flour die within short period of time due to toxic and unhealthy property of refined flour. When eating any grains or any plant food, it is absolutely recommended not to eat refined food, but whole food as is from the nature. You’ll find real food recipes, meal plans & healthy habits. Example of these foods are, pastas and noodles, breads, biscuits, cookies, cakes, candies, chocolate, pizza breads, garlic breads, muffins, etc. It is packed with protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals and is really easy to bake with! As a result, white blood cells become sluggish and not readily respond to even more frequent bacterial invasion from outside due to excess triglycerides. Better yet, steamed/boiled potato, millet bread (up until early 20 century millet was major part of American diet), steel cut whole oat (not flattened) is recommended. Here are some other flours I keep around and enjoy: pecan flour, teff flour, sweet potato flour, garbanzo flour, potato flour, spelt flour and am currently trying more recipes using cassava flour. Bottom line is: Eat unprocessed whole grain and try to eat multi grain. highest GI index is 100, which is equal to pure form of glucose. ↑ Back to Types of Bleaching Agents ↑ Back to Table of Contents, Effect of Poison An interesting note to this; it is worth while to look at how the companies produce white flour and ship it to cereal, bread, and other companies who are commercial users of the white flour. I have a great recipe for cornbread, that calls for 1 cup corn meal and 1 cup white flour. Husk and bran are the most nutritious and fiber rich parts of the grain. These regulations can be found at Dominos Pizza and Pizza Hut use flour that are bleached from chemicals other then potassium bromate. – old saying. One flour is not “the best” for weight loss. To read more about how excess sugar damage liver, read next topic. I have a lot of relatives with gluten allergies, so it’s nice to know the differences between the flours! Thank you for your support. Damage in adrenaline glands leads to low tolerance to stresses, which results people to give up on things easily. However, it is very hard to find all these foods mentioned from the examples made out of whole grain flours and raw cane sugar. The most reliable omega-3 source is from raw fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts. With the rise of alternative flours, whole wheat flour seems to get some flack, but I love using it and am going to be a whole wheat flour advocate! By the way, going vegan without eating at least 50% of raw fruits and vegetables is doing in wrong way. The giveaway proof of this is many raw veganist who cured diabetes by going raw vegan or vegan. At first they are stored in the liver as glycogen, which causes liver to become fat. As this trend became stronger, the diseases such as diabetes, circulatory diseases, and all types of cancers were on the rise. What happens when people eat refined food which lack all the minerals, vitamins, and enzymes? It’s packed with healthy fats, fiber and protein and is a great gluten-free flour to use in a variety of recipes. Almond flour is made from… you guessed it! I am so glad to find your site and will try your recipes Vegan Zucchini Bread with Almond Flour – Delicious and easy vegan zucchini bread made without oil, regular flour or refined sugar!