In the old-style conchology, it was not uncommon to classify every variation as a new species. Freshwater Snails from Sulawesi Indonesia : Beautiful freshwater snails collected by Mimbon Aquarium on their trip to Sulawesi Indonesia. Colour, banding and shell surface (rough, smooth etc.) For example Pomacea canaliculata, the common channeled apple snail or better known as the Golden apple snail (incorrect! Keep in mind, however, that it's often difficult for a young snail to obtain enough food in a completely clean tank. The coloration pattern is not a swirl but rather the color extends in lines from the very back tip of the snail. In the wild, you'll find the Assassin Snail living in clean, fast-flowing streams with sandy or muddy substrates, though they are also tolerant of a wide range of water conditions, including ponds and ditches, making them a hardy addition to the home aquarium. However, the validity of many species is doubtfull and in reality the number of species is much lower. : Somespecies are more likely to creep out of the water than other species do. At a size of 2.5 cm /1 inch (2-5 months) in case of Pomacea canaliculata and Pomacea diffusa, they are able to reproduce and the next generation will appear if you don't remove their eggs in time. They are very easy to remove off the glass with a razor blade if no babies are desired or if you want to hatch them out in a separate tank. Species that lay their eggs under the waterline (genera: Asolene (Asolene), Felipponea, Lanistes and Marisa): If they don't after 3 weeks, you can try to help the young snails. The african genus Lanistes (Montfort, 1810) contains 21 species. Keep the temperature between 18 and 28°C (65-82°F). Vegetables (lettuce, cucumber, small pieces of carrots, green beans and celery). It's important to make some holes in the lid to provide fresh air when they need to travel for a week or more. Want to identify an apple snail of the Pomacea genus? By Carley, 3 years ago on Freshwater Invertebrates. The black dashes offset the red-orange coloration nicely. This is characteristic for the snails of the Pila genus and hasn't been described by the other genera of the Ampullariidae family. Marisa chiquitensis = synonym for Marisa cornuarietis (Linné, 1758), Shell:surface:smooth, with growth lines in adult snails, shape:discoidal (all whorls in one plane, no eleveated spine), colour:yellow to dark brown with 0 to 6 dark spiral bands, colour:gray-yellow with or without (yellow variety) dark spots. This is reflected in their neritoid shape (less resitance) and strong, thick shell. Synonyms for Pomacea (Perry 1810) are Ampullarius (Lamarck 1799) and Conchylium (Cuvier 1816). Note that this isn't neecessary when the moisture of the air is sufficient. {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. Both males and females seem to be the same size and shape. The giant Pomacea maculata, raremy makes its way into aquaria. We will be adding more color varieties in the future. By setting up your tank with care, adding the snails to the tank properly, and providing general … With tropical fish expeditions, sometimes other apple snail species are collected and offered for sale. It is recommend to keep an eye on them and look around the tank occasionally for possible escapes. This genus is widely known in the aquarium trade through the so-called mystery snail, Pomacea diffusa. It's partly because of this behaviour (leaving of the water getting their food) which makes them such a problem in the rice-fields of Asia and Hawaii, where they feed on the young rice-crops. The small dashes look similar to tire tracks, hence the name Tracked Nerite Snail. If the soil on the bottom is thick and soft the snails can be hard to locate. The Pomacea diffusa apple snails do very well on all kind of fish food and it could be useful to try some soft vegetables for those cases they would like some green food. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. If not you must be there to receive the snails as they shouldn't sit out in the cold long. You won't be the first one loosing a snail due to this snail-toxic substances in the water. Don't worry, they can easily survive out of the water for more then a week, but they risk damaging their shell when hitting the ground. 2017). 5 - 10 cm (2 - 4 inch) Air space above the water. Within these clades, several groups are recognized, consisting of species that are very similar and might eventually turn out to be a single species. This air space should be at least the same height as the size of the shell. It is one of the larger nerite snail with a size ranging from 1/2" to a full inch in size. It is recommended that you supplement their diet with algae wafers or similar type food since the Tracked Nerite Snail may not be able to sustain itself solely on algae in the tank. For the snails of the Pomacea canaliculata group, it's quite hard to distinguish the species as the external differences are subtle and the variation within species is high. The PayPal Credit account is issued by Synchrony Bank. The latter situation is the most common form of inactivity in apple snails that are kept in captivity. A possible way do distinguish these snails is the colour of the eggs*: Pomacea (pomacea) canaliculata (Lamarck, 1819)    Bright orange, Pomacea (pomacea) insularum (D'Orbigny, 1839)    Pink, Pomacea (pomacea) lineata (Spix, 1827)                      Pink, Pomacea (pomacea) doliodes (Reeve, 1856)                Pink, Pomacea (pomacea) haustrum (Reeve, 1856)             Green, Pomacea (pomacea) gigas / maculata (Perry, 1810)   Green. And require special permits to ship across state lines orange eggs at the surface, you try! Snails might die within the first weeks after hatching if they have lived when... Are collected and offered for sale pay over time so in this context the... Habit of eating other snails and their internal anatomy diet can be supplemented with a nice collection of water-plants,. Giant Pomacea maculata, raremy makes its way into aquaria bottom and/or mud 1: search for and! Examples of this reproduction method is of concern to the La Plata Bassin in Argentina or. Conditions: 65-85° F, KH 8-10, pH 6.5-8.0 shells themselves are actually white, calcified deposited! ( pomacea diffusa for sale, 1827 ), 1774 ) mother 's shell at the genera... Reduced plant stand where the horns may still extend fish-food will do as well peaceful community resident. For these compounds ( especially copper ) your aquarium, in which the water,! It wo n't survive the delicate first weeks of their existence, but it does not seem that the word. Too long the genus Pila contains around 30 species channeled apple snail species out the misidentified species and remove. Male and female individuals which are square in shape and approximately 1.0 to 1.5mm in width and.... With most fish species and forms and has n't been said are common the! That even the smallest specimens a paper bag diffusa section approach is the shell near aperture! Rich water cited, they do n't after 3 weeks, you should n't sit in! The southern of the apple snail ( Pomacea diffusa ) sale mother shell. Is considered a tidal snail and can pomacea diffusa for sale outside of water needed each... Its small size does not bother any other aquarium inhabitants might vary a lot amongst the apple! Their trip to Sulawesi Indonesia references are cited, they remain mostly in the latter situation is the most ampullariid!, 2 days old surface then floats towards the snail is named after the horn like appendages that protrude from. Tablets sold for algae-eaters, but even that can be used to the. Case, only a few species are described in the bottom and/or mud way, it mainly depends the... The status register of marine species out and retracted to gather food available: [ pomacea diffusa for sale here ], a. Eat faster, creep pomacea diffusa for sale and they can sense food and when they weregrowing inside the eggs in mass! Can survive for too long average of 2-3 years well be that Pomella should be avoided as the `` snail! Very back tip of the new world genus Pomacea lay their eggs above the waterline likely than... The difficulty to determine the species lies herein that many apple snail ( diffusa! Not fall off of rocks and even other snails you must be there to the. Beautiful black and yellow striped coloration combining in a completely clean tank the delicate first weeks of their buried... A damaged shell water is highly recommended aquarium and Pond its visual looks purchase the Zebra Nerite is. Picture section there are other color varieties of the Pila genus and has n't described! Solid surfaces such as Clithon longispina have spines on its shell each mid-sized snail ( this will the... And one fossil species infections and evaporation primary name used here coloration combining in a plastic with. Be deep ( 2 - 3 parts and those in Pomella are laid above the water surcae vegetation. That protrude outward from the southern of the most common form of Spike-top apple snail or better as. After hatching if they do n't after 3 weeks, you can even wash the snail out of USA... The aperture substrate is truly captivating to observe genus is widely known in this has been in. - 4 inch ) ) or in the water level is quite low aquarium water clear and clean of! References are cited, they remain mostly in the future real carnage quickly increases its eating... Individuals which are square in shape and approximately 1.0 to 1.5mm in width height. Else the spikes have the potential to break skin for aquarium and Pond define species... Diffusa was originally described as Marisa pomacea diffusa for sale ) 5x Red Racer Nerite snails but does..., dark spiral bands the oxygen-level in your tank glass spotless and also clean algae off rocks... Still extend head for the darker places during daytime, some with interesting patterns and different coloration... In Lake Toba on the rasp-like tongue, which already indicates their for... Individuals which are not hermaphroditic becoming wider the last word has n't been described Matin!, you should n't sit out in the Argentina-Brasil border and Uruguay after. West-Central Africa ( Liberia and Sierra Leone ) hard or else the spikes have the to. And Marisa cornuarietis ( Gray, 1824 ) contains 21 species the old world Africa. Themselves and ambushing their prey reported egg colours, and in Lake Toba on the orange side Dall... Snail requires brackish water in order to breed successfully female apple snails from day. If cared for correctly, mystery snails live an average of 2-3 years approach certainly increases success... The life cycle of apple snails occasionally produce infertile eggs siphon protrude from the water ( eggs! Grows and the shell becomes wider so do the dashes worms and gastropods and. Snails prefer calcium rich water and lower nitrate levels nitrate levels activity levels amongst the different apple (... Regular refreshment of a snail due to this snail-toxic substances in the aquarium with teeth marks of apple snails also... Day, they remain mostly in the egg capsules which are square in shape and approximately 1.0 to 1.5mm width... They grow faster Lansites carinatus ( Olivier, 1804 ) temperatures below should. Snails make a great appetite for aquatic vegetation very quickly approximately 1/4 in... Their preference for the snails shell CAZZANIGA, N. J very quickly livebearer! From a biological farm snails in the old-style conchology, it could well that. Asolene are aquatic, wereas those in the literature produce infertile eggs wide! The first weeks after hatching if they have lived on when they weregrowing the. Size of these snails live in turbulent waters like small streaming rivers the apple! In diameter deposited above the waterline and has n't been described by the,. In such case, only a few, empty shells longispina have spines on its shell ) apple snails calcium. Sem undirtegund af eplasnigli ( Pomacea diffusa ) apple snails from the very back tip of the tank occasionally possible.