Wholesome and hearty, the fragrant tray-bake is ideal for breakfast or morning tea. Find the recipe at Frugal and Thriving. loaf, slice, muffins, weet-bix, weet-bix recipes, weet-bix, weet bix, gingernut, ginger, apricot, sultana, coconut, condensed milk, gluten free, gluten free weet-bix, gluten free recipes. FIND OUT MORE. Otherwise, continue or close this message to allow all cookies. These tasty treats are quick and easy to prepare. All rights reserved. An indulgent choc-berry treat with the goodness of Weet-Bix wheat biscuits. Try layering Weet-Bix with warm apple and berries for a delicious winter brekkie idea – Hot Weet-Bix breakfast crumble. RECIPE: Baileys Ganache Truffles – Bites of Pure Deliciousness! Want more fab recipes using pantry staples? Rolled in yummy coconut for a delicious finish, you better run to Taste for the easy-peasy recipe! A source of protein, fibre & iron. Your breakfast options with Weet-Bix are only limited by your imagination.

Access Discounts & Products You Love. These muffins are delicious and travel well in a lunchbox! DISPLAYING: Weet-Bix recipes. When you cook from scratch you know what’s gone into your food. Perfect morning tea fare! One recipe which clears out the fruit bowl, the freezer AND the end of the cereal. Don’t have the recipe?

These simple to make Cherry choc balls treats are perfect for Christmas and other special occasions. This Weet-Bix slice is a fantastic treat for all the family. Reach for Weet-Bix breakfast bliss balls for an on-the-run brekkie! Weet-Bix™ with poached nectarines and toasted brazil nuts. ROUNDUP: 13 Delicious Midweek Dinners with Pasta and Rice. On their own, in a wrap, or on top of a salad—baked falafel is a great addition to any lunchbox or party platter! Chocolate & coconut Weetabix slice. Try Weet-Bix trifle for a treat that delivers fibre & fruit – while being just a little indulgent. Avocado and cottage cheese on Weet-Bix™ is a tasty, easy snack.
Loaded with the goodness of Weet-Bix, your little ones will just love these pizza scrolls!

Copyright © 2020 Sanitarium Health Food Company. These Cheese, basil and black pepper muffins are a great snack to pack in lunchboxes for kids and adults! Try our strawberry, yoghurt & chia seeds combination.

Try this great combo! Gluten free Weet-Bix banana choc loaf is full of the wholesome goodness of gluten free Weet-Bix and is as versatile as it is delicious. Truffles are a Christmas holiday must for summer loving Aussies! Here’s 11 awesome ways (other than dunking in milk) to use one of Australia’s favourite breakfast cereals! Too good for just breakfast. Weet-Bix date loaf freezes beautifully so you can comfortably make a double batch and whip it out for unexpected guests. A simple twist on an old favourite, this quick and easy Zucchini and corn slice is great for midweek meals.
Here are some delicious recipes. Here's a delicious tropical mix. Gluten free cherry choc balls are the perfect gluten free addition at Christmas and other special celebrations.

Weetabix lends itself to many, sweet and savoury, mouth-watering recipes.

Make these golden rostis for a lazy weekend breakfast, or prep them in advance for lunch on the go! Start your morning with a tasty, tropical stack. Perfect for lunch boxes or a sneaky afternoon snack. Find the recipe at New Idea. Try this easy twist on classic banana bread! Take ice cream to the next level with this impressive, and festive, no-bake dessert! These fun stuffed veggie boats, great as a snack or a meal, turn the goodness of Weet-Bix into a crunchy topping! Thousands of Families Choose Guardian Childcare & Education Centres Daily. Weet-Bix roll up pancakes are a fun way to deliver a source of fibre – served with a twist the kids will love. Yummy colour on a plate! Look no further than this deliciously oaty Weet-Bix cookies recipe from Sanitarium. A delicious dessert that can just as easily be a morning breakfast! Yum! Weet-Bix, lemon and coconut squares promises to be a taste sensation – and doesn’t it look divine. They can even help make them! Weet-Bix is delicious topped with hummus and cucumber. A simple, refreshing smoothie that you can also make with Gluten Free Weet-Bix. Creamy almond butter and tangy raspberry chia jam on Weet-Bix–enjoy them as-is or with a splash of milk. eggplant, capsicum, courgette, mediterranean, mushroom, butter bean, bean, basil, weet-bix, weetbix, feta, slice, weet-bix loaf, weet-bix recipes, gluten free weet bix, gluten free recipes, gluten free weet-bix recipes, banana bread. These soft biscuits with a special chocolate centre are easy and fun to make! Your little elves will love tucking into this merry twist on Weet-Bix™ granola.

2. These popsicles are the perfect treat for hot summer days or as an on-the-go snack. https://mykidslickthebowl.com/no-bake-chocolate-weetbix-slice These cookies are sure to become a lunchbox favourite or after school treat for the kids. Please see our cookies policy for more information about cookies and how to change your settings. Give it a try. Contains iron, protein and calcium for normal growth and development as part of a balanced diet. A good biscuit is a staple of any recipe collection and Cinnamon spice cookies certainly hit the spot. The addition of legumes boost the fibre content.

Your breakfast options with Weet-Bix are only limited by your imagination. Your breakfast options with Weet-Bix are only limited by your imagination.

Try pesto and tomato toppings on Weet-Bix. Waffles are a clever and delicious way to enjoy Weet-Bix™.